What's Included?

At One Lucky Dog, there are no "extra charges." Included in every visit is ear cleaning, bathing with a personalized coat and skin care shampoo, nail trim (either clipped or grinder), a full "Air-Comb" dry, pad hair trim, sanitary trim, and a breed-specific cut, style, and finishing spray, unless otherwise requested. All grooms are exactly what YOU want.  

Dogs are not finished with ribbons or scarves.



Dogs do matt, but good grooming and collaboration between client and groomer can dramatically reduce matting. All de-matting is done with the dog's comfort in mind, and if too extensive, clipping may be an option to bring the coat back to a state from which it can be maintained. 



When the van arrives, it is ideal if an electrical plug is available. Generally, the van is parked in the driveway for the duration of the visit, but street parking works, too, provided the extension cord will reach your home/outlet.


Payment of cash, check, or Venmo accepted. 


If you are interested in becoming a client, your first step is to complete an online application or text with your name, location, and breed of dog.

Pease be aware, services are available in your area only on specific days of the month, and there are limited times available.

If you find that the service is something you like, you are asked to commit to a schedule (between 2-8 weeks).


Grooming is a standard rate of $90/hour, with a one-hour minimum.

Grooming outside of Happy Valley may accrue a travel charge of $45, and is subject to availability. Please contact regarding the exact travel charge for your location.

"What will my charge be?"

The time each dog takes varies, but here are some examples:

$90 = "Wash and wear" dog, an easy-clip small dog, etc. 

$90 - 115 -Yorkshire terriers, Corgis, etc. 

$120 -150 = Golden Retriever, spaniels, setters, etc. 

$145 - $250 = Golden Doodle, Poodle, Wheaten, etc. 

Currently, extra-large dogs are only accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire.

Cat clips start at $90. This includes nail trim, ear clean, and lion cut. Washing is done only on a case-by-case basis and cats are never machine dried—we ask for a client towel to snuggle your kitty in and return your damp, but clean pet. Machine drying is too stressful for cats, and not neccesary for their well-being.

Nail-only trims (dogs or cats) are occasionally available and fees start at $30 for the first trim and $10 for each additional well-behaved pet. Unruly pets may incur additional charges.

Puppy and "First-Timer" Training

If you have a long-coated puppy that will require grooming, or a long-coated dog that has never been groomed, consider scheduling some "grooming training" sessions. A series of several short sessions (20-30 minutes) will teach your dog that getting groomed is no big deal. Fee varies by need, but our goal is to help your dog learn to handle grooming like a champ!