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One Lucky Dog Mobile Grooming helps pet-owners keep their dog looking and feeling amazing. With One Lucky Dog, you will find care that exceeds your expectations, is customized and personalized, and is on your schedule. 

You will always know exactly who is grooming your pet: the owner of One Lucky Dog, Katie! From the moment your dog leaves your home until she or he is returned, there is one person caring for and grooming them. 

When you make an appointment, a fully equipped mobile grooming van arrives at your home to groom your dog (or cat!) to your specifications.  Your pet will not have to wait in a kennel for hours, nor endure the unhappy barking of other pets waiting their turn--when your pet is in the van, they are the number one client!

One Lucky Dog's primary goal is to provide the best service for our clients, and their owners! To that end, every effort is made to meet client needs, to always prioritize humane treatment, and to treat every dog with the greatest care and concern. 

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